Couples Intensive

Fast-track your connection with your partner. In just 1-2 days, dive deep into a transformative experience designed for couples eager to achieve months of progress. Unlock a deeper understanding and rediscover the joy in your journey together.

immerse in healing and connection

Couples Intensive

Work 1-on-1 with Jo to deepen your understanding and communication, uncovering stress and reactivity’s roots while navigating emotions and sensitive topics effectively. This immersive therapy experience, integrating Emotion Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems approaches with psychoeducation, promises significant relationship growth in just 1-2 days.

Ideal for both overcoming past hurdles and for strong couples aiming to further enrich their bond, this intensive is a powerful step towards prioritising your relationship and embracing life’s changes together, whether it’s exploring new relationship dynamics, handling life transitions, or blending families.

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The Evolving Connections Methods

1 Day Intensive

Embark on a day of focused transformation with our 1 Day Intensive. While sessions are flexible, they typically unfold from 9:30AM to 5PM on a Saturday or Sunday, which includes 6 hours of intensive therapy with breaks. This tailored day is designed for couples eager to refine their communication around sensitive issues, offering a unique opportunity to strengthen their connection in a supportive, understanding environment.


2 Day Intensive

Transform your relationship over a weekend with our 2 Day Intensive. Offering flexible scheduling, our sessions generally run from 9:30 AM to 5 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. This extended 12-hour therapy experience, spread over two days with breaks, delves into addressing and understanding past issues at their core. Couples will emerge with enhanced communication skills specifically developed around their unique challenges, laying down the groundwork for lasting harmony and deeper intimacy.





What You Need To know

Couples Intensive FAQ’s

Who should consider attending a Couples Intensive?

Couples intensives are perfect for partners looking to overcome obstacles or deepen their bond, offering a focused space to grow together. They’re especially suited for those with busy schedules, like work that requires travel or significant family commitments, who still want to prioritise their relationship. If you’re ready to make significant progress or take your connection to the next level in a short period, this intensive could be the transformative experience you’re seeking.

What makes a Couples Intensive worthwhile?

Opting for a Couples Intensive means embracing the opportunity to accelerate your relationship’s growth, packing months of therapy into just 1-2 days. It’s about depth and efficiency—getting to the heart of your issues without the constraints that weekly schedules impose. This format enables you to achieve substantial progress swiftly, transforming your relationship in ways that traditional sessions spread over months might not facilitate. It’s a concentrated effort to strengthen your bond in a short time.

What's included in a Couples Intensive session?

In each session, you receive either 6 or 12 hours of focused therapy, tailored specifically to your relationship’s needs. Alongside this, we provide workbooks and additional materials for you to take home, ensuring the insights and progress made during our time together continue to enrich your relationship beyond our sessions.

You’ll also have the opportunity to create and take notes on personalised strategies developed in therapy, giving you practical tools to reinforce and build upon your progress at home.

Should we schedule a follow-up session after our Intensive?

Yes, booking a 90 minute follow-up session 3-4 weeks after your intensive is highly recommended. This allows us to touch base on the progress you’ve made and adjust your plan and strategies as needed. It’s a great way to ensure the changes you’re implementing are effective and to continue refining your journey towards a stronger relationship.

Is there anyone who shouldn't do a Couples Intensive?

Couples Intensives might not be suitable for relationships currently navigating through substance abuse issues or facing challenges around physical safety. These situations often require specialised, ongoing support. For resources and assistance tailored to these particular needs, we’ve compiled a list of helpful links on our FAQ page to guide you towards the most appropriate support avenues.

Our Lead Counsellor

About Jo Distefano

Jo is the founder and lead counsellor at Evolving Connections. She has spent thousands of hours helping people as individuals and couples rediscover meaning and connection.

With a background in psychotherapy, Jo has a number of techniques that she applies to different situations to suit her clients. She is also at the forefront of homonormative counselling which is a growing field with a severe lack of support.

By connecting with Evolving connections, you are making a decision for a better and bright relationship and future.

Our Reviews

Why The Sunshine Coast Trust Us

Alice Batista
Alice Batista
Not your average counselor - Jo is fantastic and does amazing, significant work.
Gemma Davies
Gemma Davies
My sessions with Jo are transformative. It’s been quite a journey, one I highly recommend. My self awareness and compassion continues to increase. Jo has been a great support for me while navigating challenging times and now having moved through them, she continues to be a great support to help me thrive.
Ben Morris
Ben Morris
If you're looking for a fantastic counsellor who genuinely cares about helping you improve your relationship, Jo is the person to go to. My wife and I were really struggling to communicate efficiently and Jo taught us so many different techniques and helped us to better understand each other's perspective. This has helped my wife and I communicate much more efficiently, and it's really strengthened our marriage. Were the happiest we've ever been and we couldn't have gotten here without Jo's support.
Terri Morris
Terri Morris
My husband and I started couples counselling after realising that we needed to do some work to improve our marriage and communicate more effectively. Jo helped us through the worst time in our relationship to allow us both to be able to communicate our problems while learning strategies to help us have more understanding. Unlike other counsellors, Jo doesn't offer quick fix solutions that are only temporary, she works at length with you to get to the root of the problem to help educate you on long-term solutions. Fast forward to today, my marriage is stronger, more fulfilling and balanced.
Jodie Toft
Jodie Toft
Jo is fabulous! She is insightful and so patient. Jo has helped us to communicate effectively and to understand each others way of thinking. We had a very positive experience. I highly recommend Jo.
I would like to thank Jo Distefano for providing a calm environment in which I could grow and heal. She is very knowledgeable, intuitive and she listens. I am recommending her to friends. Thanks Jo.
Leah Harris
Leah Harris
When my partner and I first came to see Jo our relationship was not in a good place and although we both had the desire to make our relationship better, we were at a loss as to how to fix it. Now, a year and a half down the track, with Jo's help, we are in a much better place. Not only as a couple but as individuals, parents and as a family unit. I'm so thankful to Jo for the difference she has been able to make in our lives. I can't recommend her enough!
Ellen Kenman
Ellen Kenman
Jo has helped our relationship enormously. Rather than ‘marriage counselling’ we like to think of these appointments as ‘maintenance’. Every appointment is a reminder of who we’d like to be as a couple and how we can communicate more effectively. Jo is extremely professional, but also very warm and understanding. Every couple could benefit in some way from seeing Jo, and we recommend her very highly.